Achieve an effective Softlanding in the region supported by our team of local experts in Communication, Translation, Marketing & Sales.

Translation and adaptation of corporate materials:

Save time and make your business look professional in new markets. Although online free translations might help, we all know it is not enough to offer a professional image to your prospective clients. We translate and adapt to the Latin-American market idiom your Business web pages, marketing and advertising materials, mailing campaigns, and presentations, among others.

Market and sales research:

Did you know that Latin America has 22 countries? So, where to start your expansion? Depending on your products or services, we carry out the necessary market research to help you define which countries are the most convenient for your initial landing, as well as the investigation of trademarks and patents in the selected countries.

We can accompany your company in the first virtual sales contacts with potential customers in the region, and train your team in local sales management.

Business Spanish & Latin America Business Culture:

We help professionals get better results in everyday business challenges. Do you need to make a presentation or have a work meeting with prospective clients? Is your company launching a new product or planning to expand to Latin America? Are you offering a training or webinar in the region? Will you be transferring for a new commercial project? Whatever your objective, we will partner with you and your team to gain fluency and confidence in Spanish communication skills for that specific project. We will also pass on notable cultural tips to start a successful business relationship with clients, partners and providers in the region.

The 4 basics of Business Spanish:

In this Info product you will find the necessary materials to learn, at your own pace and from where you decide, the four central tools that will allow you to communicate effectively and professionally with current and prospective clients, partners, and providers from the region.

1. Personal presentations
2. How to write professional emails
3. Opening and closing commercial presentations
4. Basics for a casual conversation or small talk.

Includes a 30-minute virtual meeting with a specialist in Business Spanish who will answer any possible concerns.

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